IT-Gate – software development

IT-Gate offers a wide range of services in software development. We work with many kinds of programming. The number of staff is not big but we have an extensive network of developers who can be hired within a matter of days. In such case the main focus is on recruitment and employment of software specialists that meet the specific requirements of the customer.

We have very strong project leaders highly skilled in programming but mainly focused on project management for different types of projects. All our employees are degree holding software developers who have long-term and diverse experience in programming and can be easily educated to meet customer requirements.

We combine advanced software engineering skills with superior project management to provide:

  • creating detailed specifications of requirements
  • information and e-business systems development
  • custom software development for existing information systems
  • transfer old existing software to modern platforms and technologies
  • low-level programming including drivers and system services
  • database design and data conversions
  • quality assurance (all kinds of testing, verifying that the development is made strictly corresponding to customer requirements)


IT-Gate provides development on:

PlatformsIBM PC Compatible, Windows Mobile 2000/2002/2003/2005 (aka PocketPC), WinCE 3.0/4.2/5.0, Smartphone
LanguagesUML, SQL, C, C++, C#, ASM
OOD PackagesEnterprise Architect
GUI SystemsWin32/Windows Mobile/WinCE
DBMSMS SQL Server 7.0, MS Access x.x, MySQL
IDE/CompilersMSVisualC++.NET(NET2003/NET2005), eMbeddedC++3.0/4.0, Metrowerks CodeWarrior8.0/9.0
Tools/LibsSTL, WTL, ATL, OpenGL, MFC, winsock, WinInet, Qnx
Version ControlVisual Source Safe 6.0, SVN, CVS


We are always open to communicate with customers to gain better results through the whole software development cycle:

  • requirements gathering and analysis
  • planning and modelling
  • preliminary design
  • detailed design
  • implementation
  • system testing
  • acceptance testing
  • maintenance and support