Dunas de Cotovelo – a successful and attractive imvestment

Since Brazil is a country booming economy and the rapid growth of people wellbeing, it opens for numerous business opportunities in trade and services, as well as for investment and new producion. As tourism is considered to be one of very promising opportunities, the example below presents the promising option of medium and long term investment for a foreigner that does not yet know the language and the country.

We offer you an investment in real estate in North East Brazil on an example of the complex Apartments Dunas de Cotovelo, because we ourselves ibought an apartment in the summer 2010, both for recreation and rental. Our offers in acquisition of real estate, of course, are not limited to this complex, it’s just a good representing example of existing opportunities.

We went through all stages of the acquisition from the selection to the final transaction and payment of taxes through a lawyer, so we can tell you step by step how it’s done and what the potential that such investments carry with them.

The modern complex includes 68 apartments in the new building that fully adapted for recreation and living in their own protected territory in close proximity to the city of Natal (7 km from Ponta Negra, the most famous public beach and recreation town district) Natal is the capital of a booming Brazilian province of Rio Grande do Norte. It has always been the recognized recreation center for wealthy Brazilians, while geographically it is the closest point to Europe – only 7 hours flight from Lisbon.At the same time it is one of the few major cities in Brazil, where there are no favelas and therefore practically no problem with street crime. Safety, comfort, and 330 sunny days per year without the sweltering heat – the temperature in the range of 25-30 degrees Celsius all year round – those benefits that wait for you in the city of Natal.


The construction of the complex was  finalized in 2010. The complex has a swimming pool, fitness center, round the clock reception desk, bar, private  beach just 50 meters from the building, spa and sauna, laundry, room service, recreation, and the complex classified as five-star  resort category. Apartments of the same areal of 64 sq.m plus a large balcony, 2 bedrooms, American  kitchen and 2 bathrooms, but on the third floor all apartments have a private solarium and a spa on the roof (stairs from the balcony). The complex offers for owners to connect their apartment in the aparthotel system working on the basis of condominium, which involves rapid return on investment from 6 to 9 years. A more detailed description of complex buildings, rooms and service, pricing and investment plan, as well as photos can be viewed here.

On all matters of interest to purchase, looking around for property or just a holiday rent in Natal you are welcome to contact us here.

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