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The modern complex of 68 apartments Dunas de Сotovelo was finalized in 2010. All apartments have the same area of 63 sq.m. and consist of three rooms, including 2 bedrooms with an individual bathrooms each. Each apartment has its own spacey balcony all overlooking thе sea. Some of appartments have also view to the swimming pool. The apartments are sold unfurnished with an offer on furniture sets to choose among. On the third floor apartments have individual access to the roof of the building where the apartments possess a large veranda where you can set your own spa and solarium.


Apartment prices vary depending on the location in the building, height, type of view and the availability of individual verandas and are in the range between 80-160 thousand Euros unfurnished. It remains about a quarter of apartments in the complex still up for sale. Owners of apartments are wealthy Brazilians and Europeans, among them there Spanish, Portugeese, Danish, Russian etc.


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Practical Steps of Real Estate Purchase

beira_marBrasil  is the fifth largest country in the world with 4,500 miles of coastline, the Amazon River, the Atlantic Rainforest, the Panantal Bird Reserve, the preserved mining towns of Minas Gerais, 4,000-foot mountain peaks, a European-populated southern coast, South America's largest city and its financial engine - Sao Paulo, and one of the world's most enchanting cities - Rio de Janeiro.  Add a large dash of friendly Brazilians and a cost of living that is one-fifth that of the United States and what is there not to like? If you can't find it in Brazil, you're probably not going to find it anywhere.

But can foreigners legally purchase property in Brazil? After all, some of the world's most desirable countries don't allow foreigners to purchase land or houses.

Thailand and Bali come to mind. The answer is yes. In Brazil foreigners have the same legal footing as Brazilians when it comes to buying property.

Check here step by step guide of the purchase process.  


1. You need a Brazilian ID called a CPF. 
2. To get a CPF you need a birth certificate translated into Portuguese by a certified.translator and legalized by the Brazilian consulate in your home country.


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